Remember Silence

The time spent at work, with activities, with friends and family, can overshadows us. We become human doings, rather than beings. It’s vital to our wellness, to our relationships, and to Spirit that we remember we are not the sum of our doings. We are not the body, nor thought or feeling. We are so much more, and at the root of it all is Silence.

In order to remember that Silence is our Nature, meditation is a great tool and essential. In the craziness of our world, it may be a challenge to carve out 30, 45 minutes or an hour in a formal seated practice. It can be helpful to start at the beginning, a shorter practice with a strong intent to listen and be present.

Even if we do sit consistently, we may find that as we live through the day, our thoughts get louder and our bodies tense. Before we know it, stories of the past and the future have replaced the present moment. Abiding Stillness has taken a back seat to active, thinking mind.

The great modern day Spiritual Teacher Eckhart Tolle says, “All thinking should be done on purpose.” Notice throughout the day how much thinking is happening—but not purposeful thinking, instead habitual thought noise.

What’s needed is a pause, a short time where we bring our attention out of the external focus of living and the active mind, to the inner landscape. A Sacred Pause if you will—Sacred, because of our intention to remember what’s really true, what’s actually real.

It may feel difficult at first to turn attention away from thoughts, but with consistent, sincere practice, it can be done.

To get started, click this link for a guided six-minute mediation. Take a break from the mind and ease into Silent Being.

Cristie Newhart